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Another Cable Loom Review from Positive Feedback!

Robert S. Youman from Positive Feedback just published a new review of my cable loom here…


In summary, Robert wrote, “My notes were quickly set aside. Rather than jump from track to track, I found myself listening to entire albums—which is not the norm for my evaluations. Regardless of the music genre, there was a certain correctness of presentation that just had me mesmerized. Clearly, these cables provided an emotional connection.

As you can tell, I am quite enamored with Triode Wire Labs and the cable reviewed here. As mentioned early on, you need to set the MSRP’s aside and properly manage your biases and expectations. Just sit back, listen and take it all in. For some, these price points might be a big attraction. For others, these price points might push you away. I know, I know, if something sounds like it’s too good to be true, it usually isn’t. For the folks in the later category, you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity.

I do care about what I feel. I need that connection to the emotion and passion that music can provide when properly presented. Triode Wire Labs does that for me. I strongly suggest that you check it out. Highly recommended!”



Part-Time Audiophile Affordably Awesome 2016 List

I’d like to thank Scot Hull, Chief Bottlewasher at Part-Time Audiophile, for including Triode Wire Labs in their Affordably Awesome 2016 list!

Scot wrote, “Cable doubters needn’t apply, but for the rest of you, I have a secret. I know this guy that makes super-high-end cables at a fraction of the price of what others might. And the best thing? They really are fantastic bang for the buck. Open, fluid, and organic — that is, they make my system sound broken in, as if all my electronics just went on an extended diet pulled together by Thug Kitchen, and now, they’re ready to just casually kick ass all over yesterday and tomorrow. Been a fan of Triode Pete’s power cables for years, but his “American” speaker cables and “Spirit” interconnects are just the berries. Best kept secret in that lineup is that forthcoming dual-headed USB cable, though. It’s killer.”

The entire post here


“Brutus Award” Earned by Triode Wire Labs!!!

Positive Feedback Managing Editor Dave Clark announced his Annual Brutus Awards today and Triode Wire Labs was selected!
In summary, Dave wrote, “For the money, a steal. For twice the price, a solid deal. For three times the price, still a find. Not sure how they do this for comparatively so little, but these cords are truly wonderful. We bought the review samples.”


Complete details here… http://positive-feedback.com/audio-disc…/brutus-awards-2016/




Positive Feedback’s REFERENCE cables!!!

Positive Feedback’s Managing Editor Dave Clark performed a review of my Triode Wire Labs cable loom and posted his findings here… http://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/audio-ramblings-triode-wire-labs-cables/

To summarize, Dave said, “A no brainer for anyone looking for music at an affordable price—regardless of the expectation that the (very low) price brings to the table. The TWL line of cables are what I would consider references on so many levels. Again, Highly Recommended.”

The highest compliment is for the reviewer to purchase the cable loom and Dave did!!!

Thanks again, Dave!



New York Audio Show 2016 Awards!

Last weekend was the 2016 New York Audio Show – I was completely exhausted & I didn’t even run in the Marathon!!!

It was a great show but the rooms were a bit boomy (since they were “square” in shape). However, with a bit of room treatments, we “tamed” the sound a bit…

We received from Stereophile’s Jana Dagdagan one of the Top 3 Best Sounding Rooms… see http://www.stereophile.com/content/perspective#bacRPFQFSBt92ubt.97

“The Volti Audio/Vinnie Rossi/Triode Wire Labs/Fidelis room, which consisted of Rival, Volti’s new compact horn speaker ($7900/pair), a Vinnie Rossi LIO integrated amplifier (with DHT PRE, custom configured; $10,280), and a Vinnie Rossi VR120 stereo power amplifier ($4995). The analog source included Acoustic Signature’s Triple X turntable ($5795), TA-2000 tonearm ($2399), and Dynavector XX2 Mk.2 Cartridge ($1995). Triode Wire Labs cables were used throughout.

I thoroughly enjoyed Vinnie Rossi’s room at RMAF2016, so I was excited to hear his amplifiers again at this show. We listened to some Elvis at first, which showed off the system’s evenness and depth. I then requested jazz, and they put on “The Alternate Blues” from the Thorens 125th Anniversary LP, which featured Clark Terry, Freddie Hubbard, and Dizzy Gillespie. With jazz, over any other genre, balance is king—to me, at least. I was pleased to hear how well this system laid out the instruments, and how well defined Dizzy’s horn (which can sometimes come off as muddy) sounded. It was a comfort system; nostalgic, deep, and enveloping.”
John Atkinson was in our very crowded room and listened for awhile… I take that as a compliment. He took a bunch of notes but nothing has been posted yet.

Jim Austin from Stereophile was also in our room and posted this… http://www.stereophile.com/content/nyas-2016-day-one-jim-austin#BdLYWGTK32yRVfa6.97

“My award for Most Surprising Sound goes to the Vinnie Rossi/Fidelis AV room, where the smaller (but still imposing) Volti Audio horn loudspeakers—the Rivals—belied their big (41.5″ x 19″ x 16″), aggressive-looking boxes and modest price (starting at $7900/pair) with surprisingly intimate sound, via amplification from Vinnie Rossi: the VR120 Stereo Power Amplifier ($4995) and the modular LIO Integrated amplifier, with direct-heated triode line stage, DAC, and phono-stage options ($10,280 as configured). Ricky Lee sang from the Show Biz Kids LP via an Acoustic Signature Triple X turntable with a TA-2000 tonearm and the Dynavector XX2 Mk.II cartridge ($5795, $2399, and $1995 respectively). The big bass excited some room (and possibly speaker) resonances, but overall it had good texture.”

I don’t know why it was surprising… Great sound should be expected!!! BTW, the new Volti Rival speakers (see http://voltiaudio.com/rival/ DO NOT resonant with their 1″ thick baltic birch plywood walls & internal bracing… at a mere 125 lbs. each!!! … and of course Vinnie Rossi’s stuff “kicks ass” as usual… I was also VERY IMPRESSED with the Acoustic Signature turntable… great stuff!


New USB Cables!!!

I have THREE new USB cables available now! The standard “Spirit Split Power & Data”, with a separate data leg & a separate power leg available in 0.75m and 1.5m lengths, “Spirit Discrete”, a 16″ (~40 cm), single USB cable incorporating some very innovative design techniques and finally, the “Spirit Dongle”, a 9″ USB cable designed for music interfaces, such as Sonore microRendu!

These cables were designed in collaboration with Dave Elledge from PI Audio Group, LLC. Dave has years of experience developing the best-sounding USB cables. Yes, Dave is a competitor of mine, but most importantly, a friend & colleague!

Time to update the website soon!



Great Positive Feedback Review from Dave Clark!

Well, it’s been awhile since I wrote or posted something… It has been a busy summer! This was just published yesterday, by Dave Clark, the Editor at Positive Feedback magazine.

A couple of weeks ago, I shipped Dave a loom (speaker, power, interconnects) of my cables for review… He asked me to be patient since he had a ton of equipment to review first, prior to evaluating my cables.

I guess he found a bit of time to experiment with my power cables and his initial impressions here, posted today (September 1)… http://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/ps-audio-bhk-signature-preamplifier-directstream-dac/

To summarize, Dave Clark wrote,

AC cord of choice? Well I always review components with the supplied stock generic cord. That is what I base all my comments and observations on when reviewing. So all that above is stock. Now I am fortunate to have a good number of aftermarket AC cords here to play with… all in the hopes of improving the sound in some way. For sure the sound could change, but I am looking for something that does not change the basic characteristic, but perhaps adds a bit—like seasoning if you will to bring out the components’ best. Of course this is clearly subjective and what I like you might not… and vice versa. Which is all cool. Like I said above… Different strokes, different needs and wants. With the DS I found a number of cords to work quite well—all stunningly good in their own way, but one really did the trickThe Digital American from Triode Wires allowed the DS to open up and remain true to its character. What the cord did was pretty much up the ante a notch or two without adding or subtracting from the DS’ state of the art sound. It added a wee bit oomph and richness or warmth that either the Sablon or Neutron took off the table. I also found that while the Neutron SW16 Digital Power Cord from Dynamic Design killed it on the MPS-05, it was a touch aggressive on the DS. Ditto the Sablon. Not what I was expecting at all. The Neutron SW16 Digital Power Cord is simply stellar and a true reference, but with the DS… uh, not working my friend. Put it on the MPS-05 and “oh my brother from another mother”… true magic. And while I love what the Sablons bring to the party, uh… yeah, wrong side-dish. Not here my friend. Of course we have to consider the whole system here and any cable becomes a balancing act at best. Take the DS and place it into a different system or even mine with different speakers, and what not, and the results will no doubt be different.

So as the system stands now, the Triode Wire cords are the ticket and at a $500-$800 admission fee, a true bargain. More on these later but, damn… they are good!


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Back from the Capital AudioFest Audio Show!

I’m back from the Capital AudioFest Audio Show held last weekend in Washington, DC. We had some great sounding rooms, Room 323 with Daedalus Audio, BorderPatrol Audio Electronics and of course, Triode Wire Labs. I featured my newly released “Split Power & Data” USB cable in Room 323.

In Room 316, we had BorderPatrol Audio Electronics, using Living Voice OBX-RW loudspeakers. These Living Voice speakers exhibited some of the best playback I’ve ever heard! Halfway through the show, Greg Roberts from Volti Audio showed-up and crashed our room with his new, more reasonably priced horn loudspeaker. Within 20 minutes, Greg’s new speaker was sold! A new audio show record!!!

Here’s some feedback on the Sound Quality of the Triode Wire Lab rooms from Herb Reichert of Stereophile magazine

“In my report from the 2016 AXPONA, I wrote a whole blurb about how I thought the Border Patrol (and Volti as well as Triode Wire Labs) room had the best sound of show, but I couldn’t turn it because I had forgotten to take photos. (Sorry Gary Dews.) This time, however, Gary (and Pete from TWL) had two rooms and maybe they both will win that honor. The loudspeakers were different in each room, but the sound quality and music quality were equally wonderful in both.

The first Border Patrol room featured Daedalus Audio Athena V.2 floorstanding loudspeakers ($11,850/pair) in a super-deluxe wood finish. They were driven by the PX20 EXD Border Patrol push-pull 300B monoblocks ($16,750/pair), a Border Patrol Control Unit line stage ($6500), and Gary’s excellent no-oversampling/no-digital-filtering DAC ($1250)—all of which were sitting on the new Daedalus Audio “Daedalus isolation Devices” (DiD) priced at $480 for a set of three.

The second Border Patrol (and Triode Wire Labs) room featured the wildly over-achieving and vivid-sounding Living Voice OBX-RW loudspeakers ($11,800/pair). Instead were driven by S20 EXD Border Patrol parallel single-ended 300B monoblocks ($16,750/pair) and a 1543 DAC ($1500). This was only my first day, but damn! The sound was really good in both rooms. Border Patrol (and Triode Wire Labs) might win my “Peace and Crickets” prize for Best Sound two shows in a row.”

Here’s Herb’s impressions when we switched the Living Voice speakers for the new Volti horn loudspeakers…

“Most of you must know I am a long time fan of Volti Audio’s Vittoria horn-loaded loudspeakers. They achieve what I always thought was impossible: a smooth, coherent, hyper-efficient loudspeaker that bubbles with musical life—and never let’s on it’s a horn speaker. Most folks that heard it agreed except, many wished it was smaller and less expensive. Well, Volti proprietor/engineer, Greg Roberts was listening and at CAF released a smaller, less expensive model, the Rival at only $7900/pair. The sound, while not quite as sweet and sophisticated as the Vittora, was “oh my my” tight fast and textured. The box, the drivers and the music reproduced seemed properly scaled, utterly uncompressed. The new 99dB-sensitive Rival delivered a great portion of the bigger speaker’s pleasures. Bravo Volti!

The new Rivals were driven by Border Patrol S20 EXD parallel, single-ended, dual-mono 300B amplifiers ($16,750/pair) and the Border patrol 1543 DAC ($1500). All cables were Triode Wire Labs and sourced from a PI Audio UberBUSS power distribution block.”

Some additional feedback from The Closet Audiophile as follows;

The Closet Audiophile
Capital Audiofest 2016

Posted on July 15, 2016 by theclosetaudiophile, https://theclosetaudiophile.wordpress.com/author/theclosetaudiophile/

“I loved going to the Capital Audiofest (CAF) in 2013 and that feeling didn’t change this year. Gary Gill, the show’s organizer, is always gracious and magnanimous and open to ideas. I don’t doubt Gary’s enthusiasm for all things audio.

On the two-channel side of the house, I thought the Volti / BorderPatrol / Triode Wire Labs room sounded exceptionally good. Volti was demoing their new lower-cost horn loaded speaker, the Rival, alongside BorderPatrol’s S20 (with a gain knob for volume control). Their top of the line, non-oversampling, filterless DAC-1 and a CEC transport provided the tunes. All the electronics were wired up with Triode Wire Labs current stock. The sound was dynamic and instantly engaging. Midrange and treble were finely textured and never harsh or piercing. Bass was surprisingly tight and tuneful, given the tiny room they were working with. Just an all-out stellar performance and easily the best sound at the show.”

I’ll post more reviews and feedback from Capital AudioFest as it “pops-up”…