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How good are TWL’s Digital Cables???

Triode Wire Labs has been long known for high quality & superb value analogue cables (power cords, speaker cables & interconnects)… but how about Digital Cables??? Well, here’s some feedback from an audiophile who purchased & auditioned my “Discrete” USB cable… “After a few weeks in my system, just wanted to highly recommend Pete’s discrete USB cables. Sitting between my audio-only Windows PC and Decware modified TEAC NT-503 DAC, this cable absolutely delivers the goods. HiFi streamed TIDAL tunes are rivaling and often exceeding the SQ of my venerable TRL modified Sony DVP-NS900V.
Simply no digital nasties, and it throws a natural sounding deep, wide soundstage. Plenty of detail and recording space ambience. Vocals are to die for. If your auditioning USB cables, I encourage to give Pete’s discrete a listen.”
“It’s a slam dunk, no brainer in my book Pete. Congratulations on another fine affordable audiophile product.”
Here’s a link to the post… AudioCircle Post

A Final Wrap-Up from 2017 – Two, “end of year” reviews & two awards!!!

Here’s a Speaker Cable review from Mono and Stereo released in November… http://www.monoandstereo.com/2017/11/triode-wire-labs-american-speaker.html

It’s pretty long & insightful review… Here’s their conclusion…


Triode Wire Labs “American” Speaker Cables follows the extended and in-depth technical elaborations with the organic, natural sonic ability, that had no problem in bringing the impressive dynamic aural experience.

One of the most important aspects of “American” cables sonic standouts is the highly engaging factor, not expected at this price range. Peter Grzybowski has again managed to deliver a mighty potency of the original audio material without sonic alterations. It’s not easy to encapsulate the very verisimilitude of the music being recorded with such impact. Even with the delicate reproduction of the string plucks, where the basic frequency demands the conductor of highest purity, the Triode Wire Labs speakers cables have embraced the constitutional aural particles with surprising density, that had not only conveyed the golden trinity of timbre, tone and colour spot on, but also delivered extremely well the harmonics. This elevates them to the very unique plane, that is usually reserved for quite a different price sticker!

At the times, when the prices of high-end audio speakers cables are becoming a matter of exuberant and luxurious pricing the Triode Wire Labs “American” Speaker Cables embraces the grander portion of the upper echelon cabling qualities at very reasonable and down to earth pricing.

I’m joining the sum up of my thoughts connected with my initial review of Triode Wire Labs power cables. “American” Speaker cables are fantastic performers and they offer a grand entrance into the world of high-end audio without any setbacks.

Triode Wire Labs “American” Speaker Cables not only represents a great value and a highly potent loudspeaker cable, but they distribute the music’s energy and vital information with such ease, that they will have no problem serving even in upper echelon high-performance high-end audio system.

The carefully selected materials combined with a quality build produce PERFECT NATURAL PRAT (Pace, Rhythm & Timing) and will be true to the original source, without coloration.

If you’re in the market for an “expensive” ULTRA-FI speaker cable, do not skip the auditioning Triode Wire Labs “American Speaker Cable” to hear what’s possible at Affordable, Audiophile prices!

For what they represent, and at what value I’m wholeheartedly awarding them with the Mono and Stereo Highly Recommended Award.

Matej Isak”

Also, I received a phenomenal Cable Loom review from Positive Feedback’s Gary Beard… https://positive-feedback.com/reviews/hardware-reviews/triode-wire-labs-a-looming-star/

This review resulted in me obtaining their PF Writers’ Choice Award for the Year 2017!



A “Wrap-up” from 2017! Part II – New York Audio show!

Basically a week after Capital AudioFest in Washington, DC, I was in Manhattan for the New York Audio Show from November 10-12. I teamed up with Harbeth Loudspeakers, Acoustic Signature turntables and German-made AVM Audio Electronics.

Here’s some feedback from Stereophile’s Ken Micallef

“The AVM room, presented by Fidelis AV, was making truly beautiful sounds via AVM electronics, an Acoustic Signature Triple X turntable ($5995) with TA-1000 12” tonearm ($1995), and what I believe were Harbeth Monitor 30.1 Domestic stand-mounted loudspeakers ($3800/pair). There were various AVM components in the setup; according to Peder Baeckman, AVM’s American Sales Manager, these were the CS8.2 All in One preamp ($12,995), MP6.2 CD/media player ($8995), and SA8.2 stereo amp ($14,995). The small AVM P30 phono stage ($799) was also inline. Wiring from Triode Wire Labsincluded The Obsession Statement Power Cord ($1399), American Speaker Cables ($949/pair), Spirit XLR and Spirit RCA interconnects ($449 and $349, respectively, per pair), Spirit Digital IC ($299/1.5m), and Discrete USB Digital IC ($299/1.5m).

Baeckman played a file of the hoary audiophile warhorse “Take Five,” and while I am insanely bored by the track, the AVM presentation was like no other. I could hear the air around the instruments—but, more surprising, when drummer Joe Morello soloed, I could easily hear the varying degrees of pressure he applied to his bass drum pedal, which shifted throughout his solo. Audio wonks from on high will groan at this kind of sonic dissection, no doubt. But when you hear music you know all-too-well entirely reshaped and reanimated, as it were, it pops in your brain like Einstein’s light bulb. The AVM system sound was one of purity and focus, the Harbeths no doubt playing a big role in the rig’s excellent sense of synergy and tonality.”

From Myles Astor, Positive Feedback and Audionirvana… https://www.audionirvana.org/forum/title-to-be-added/audio-shows/new-york-audio-show-2017/70624-2017-ny-audio-show-report/page2

“Fidelis AV put together one of the three best sounding rooms at the show. Electronics included the newly redesigned AVM products from Germany including the fully modular PA 8.2 preamplifier with selectable tube or solid-state output section (starts at $7000 and depending upon card selection goes up to $12,000 to $20,0000, the $9999 MP 8.2 Media player and the $14,999 SA8.2 stereo amplifier capable of producing 450 wpc into 8 ohms. The analog front-end was the striking $5895 (add $2395 for arm) Acoustic Sounds Triple X turntable. Speakers were the $6495 Harbeth 40th Anniversary 30.2 speakers with specially made UK poly caps, WBT-nextgen binding posts and ultrapure OFC internal wire. I could only chuckle here because 25 years ago, Harbeth speaker designer Alan Shaw was the epitome of flat earthers. We spoke many years ago at a now defunt NY Audio store and he simply didn’t believe in parts; the only thing that counted were measurements. My how times change!

Finally, Peter Grzybowski aka Triode Pete’s very affordable (in this day and age especially) Triode Wire Labs including their Premium power cords and speaker cables and Spirit interconnects and USB cable were used throughout the system.

Normally Harbeth speakers sound have that oh so typical British speakers: polite, rich, nice soundstaging. But far from the last word in transparency or resolution. Not here. I thought these 30.2s were certainly a real player in its price range and maintained that rich midrange while subtly improving their resolution. Plus life lacking in so many other rooms. Of course, much of that had to do with the choices of electronics and front-end in front of them.”

A cool video review by Stereophile’s Herb Reichert with Jana Dagdagan being expert cameraperson!

This video is pretty high quality & Hi-Def!


Right at 1:56 it becomes “Fun”!

“The first room we entered was hosted by Fidelis AV, AVM, and Triode Wire Labs. The system consisted of an Acoustic Signature Primus turntable ($1999 with Acoustic Signature Red MM1 phono cartridge), Harbeth 30.2 40th Anniversary Edition speakers ($6495/pair) atop Ton Träger speaker stands ($1450/pair), an AVM CS8.2 All in One, used as a preamp ($12,995), an AVM MP6.2 CD/media player ($8995), an AVM SA8.2 stereo amplifier ($14,995), and cables by Triode Wire Labs.”


A “Wrap-up” from 2017! Part I – Capital AudioFest!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2018 brings health, prosperity & good will to all!

Here’s a 4th quarter 2017  “wrap-up” from Triode Wire Labs…

Capital AudioFest – November 3-5, 2017

I was participating in TWO rooms at CAF – in Room 316 with BorderPatrol and Volti Audio… a review by Stereophile’s Art Dudley here… “In the Volti Audio/BorderPatrol/Triode Wire Labs room, I was entertained by a system built around the Volti Rival loudspeakers ($7900/pair and up, depending on finish), the demonstration pair of which so impressed an opening-day customer that he bought them on the spot. Also in the system were BorderPatrol’s DAC SE D/A processor ($1350), used in tandem with a CD transport whose name I didn’t catch, and P21EXD power amplifier ($13,500), which uses two 300B triodes per channel in push-pull for 20Wpc. All cabling was by Triode Wire Labs, including their Spirit analog interconnects ($349/1m pair) and Spirit 75 S/PDIF digital cable.

This system charmed me with Madeleine Peyroux’s “J’ai deux amours,” her voice full-bodied and present, the double bass and twin acoustic guitars put across with very good tone and touch. And when a showgoer brought in his copy of Skip, Hop & Wobble by Jerry Douglas, Edgar Meyer, and the great flatpicker Russ Barenberg (the latter from the ’70s band Country Cooking, which also gave the world Tony Trischka and Pete Wernick), and we listened to the fiddle tune “The Big Sciota,” I was bowled over by the system’s great sense of drive. A darned good way to end my Friday.”

Some additional feedback from Dagogo’s Richard Austen on the Best Sounding Rooms at Capital AudioFest… ““Volti Audio Revival Horn Speakers/Border Patrol/CEC/Triode Wire Labs. Big bold open sound and a whole lot of toe tapping. The speakers are gorgeous and reasonably priced at $7900 in basic finish. CEC’s belt drive transport wasn’t even mentioned but this company is still going and are reasonably priced. Again CD sounded better in this room than from other sources. There is a degree of wetness and transparency here than stands with any other room even in a less than ideal set-up.”

Also, TWL teamed up with GT Audio Works & Sound Insights in the large Frederick Room at CAF. Here’s some BEST of SHOW feedback from AVNirvana… “I’m feeling a tad impatient today, so I’m flipping the standard script and kicking things off with my favorite find at CAF 2017. Mind you, the word “best” is loaded with subjectivism and caveats, especially when it comes to sound. But for my money, GT Audio Works and its magnificent GTA3R Planar/Ribbon Speakers ($12,000/pair), which were matched with Sound Insight’s dual SI 600 Open Baffle Subwoofers ($17,000), graciously slid into home for the win.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing GT Audio Works’ Greg Takes for several years, first meeting him as he demoed his GTA2.5 speakers at CAF several moons ago. Take one look into the man’s eyes and you can see both audio passion and total sincerity. And take one listen to his handmade large-panel creations, and you’ll be left stunned with amazement.

Takesh’s six-foot tall GTA3R utilizes a full range planar driver (72-in x 10-in) and an accompanying ribbon tweeter (72-in x ½-in) to deliver playback from 40Hz – 30kHz with amazing efficiency (92 dB). And when paired with dual Sound Insight SI 600 open baffle subwoofers (six 12” drivers each, performance to 16Hz), the system’s articulate punch and depth is downright ridiculous.

This entire system (speakers and subs) can be purchased for $29K, making it a relative bargain when compared to its high-end competition. By my math, the speakers’ supporting cast of Pass Labs pre-amps and monoblocks (not to mention Triode Wire Labs power cords, cables, and interconnects, an Esoteric K01x SACD player, an Acoustic Signature Triple X Turntable, and a Vu Jade Audio tubed DAC ) pushed the room’s total system value just south of $200K. But I wouldn’t be surprised to find that more budget oriented buyers could purchase the GTA3Rs separately and usher wickedly beautiful sound into their homes for significantly less.

The GTA3R is built to order, which means the speaker’s wood and finish are all customizable. Considering that it essentially looks like a wood framed cloth panel (high quality craftsmanship, mind you), the speaker is somewhat unremarkable in its appearance. But its sound (oh that AMAZING sound) is what you’re paying for. And let me tell you, they sound stunningly beautiful, presenting a massive and highly detailed soundstage that’s punctuated by serious depth.

And clarity? It’s all there, folks.

Clarity, balance, and natural tonality.

This speaker is, bar none, the best speaker you’ve never heard, and I challenge anyone to find another $12,000 speaker that can touch its class.

Bold words? Yes.

But my ears have fallen in love with GT Audio Work’s creations and this year’s showing at CAF was simply spectacular. Do yourself a favor: visit Greg Takesh (or his Long Island, NY dealer: Sound Insight High End Audio) for a private demo. And if you live outside the New York area, read his website’s offer for guests that need to fly to his location (it takes the notion of rolling out the red carpet to an entirely new level).”

Some additional feedback from Enjoy The Music’s Greg Weaver…

“I’d seen photos of the Sound Insight SI 600 open baffle subs ($12,000/pr.), as long-time audio pal, Rich Hollis, of Hollis Audio Labs, had shared the building and assembly of his set. But this was my first listen to this astonishing sub. Pairing the GT Audio Works GRA3R planar/ribbons ($17,000) with the SI 600’s, yielded a highly pleasing result in the Frederick Room.

Using an Esoteric K-01x SACD player ($20,000), the Pass Labs XS linestage ($38,000), XS phono stage ($45,000), and XA 60.8 monos, all connected with Triode Wire Labs cables, this system really got into the music. Bass impact was exceptional, mids were fast and clean, while upper frequency extension was airy and full of sparkle and detail. Though lacking slightly in harmonic bloom and instrumental body, this system was articulate, with remarkable transparency and resolution.”

Finally, “Best of Show” feedback from AVShowrooms & Enjoy The Music’s Kemper Holt here

“The Frederick room this year pushed Greg Takesh’s GT Audio Works GTA 3R Planar/Ribbon loudspeakers ($12,000/pr) to the top of the best sounding, yet least known about category. In combination with Steve Rabitz’ Sound Insight SI 600 Open Baffle subwoofers ($17,000/pr) featuring six 12″ woofers per channel driven by a servo amplifier the room really sang, on the weekend that is. If you listened Friday you got about 60% of what this system was capable of dishing out. They worked on the room before daybreak early Saturday morning adding room treatments and re-positioning the speakers with superb results.

Greg builds each 3R to customer’s finish requests, here finished in an automobile gray paint, I prefer the Sapelle wood finish on my GTA 2.5s, but Greg can finish them however you want. Taking out the powered cone woofers he had in the GTA 2.5s gave Greg the room to extend the full range planar and ribbon tweeter to 72″ long, the planar is 10″ wide allowing it to reach 40 Hz driven full range without any crossover in front of it, and the true ribbon at 0.5” wide with only a single capacitor in the path. The secret sauce is Greg’s use of neodymium magnets allowing the 3R to achieve a 92dB/W/m sensitivity, and it lets the speaker deliver tremendous dynamics with little effort, 60 Watts were used here and it could get easily very loud on peaks.

Speaking of “only” 60 Watts driving the 3Rs, Steve brought a Pass Labs suite of kit to Rockville, Pass Labs XS Preamp ($38,000), Pass Labs XS Phono Preamp ($45,000), and Pass Labs XA 60.8 monoblock amplifiers ($13,500/pr). A Vu Jade Audio Tube DAC ($9,995) handled digital, an Acoustic Signature Triple X turntable ($5,995), TA 1000 tonearm ($1,995), and Dynavector XX2 cartridge ($1,950) delivered vinyl playback.

The King of affordable cabling, Triode Wire Labs’ Pete Grzybowski had TWL cables doing everything. Pete’s legendary power cords were plugged into all the equipment, using The Silver Statement ($1,199) High Power Digital American ($699) and Digital American ($499) where appropriate. The best buy American Speaker Cables ($699) Spirit interconnects ($349/pr) and Spirit Split Power and Data USB cable ($329) connected the signal paths. Kanso Harmoni 3ST/5S equipment racks ($11,368) supported the gear.

Sunday I spent 90 minutes here listening to all my music and letting Steve play cuts he thought really let the system shine. The system checked off all the audiophile boxes, electrostatic like transparency combined with huge dynamics, completely disappearing speakers, voices perfect focus/size/height, and room pressurizing bass with ease. A jazz album, The Alternate Blues, with Dizzy, Clark, Freddie, and Oscar sounded like I was at a club, the trumpet had startling dynamics and proper bite, piano clear and real sounding, drum kit impact was palpable yet delicate brush work easily heard, I just closed my eyes and let the music take me there. Eva Cassidy’s “Ain’t No Sunshine” showcased her beautiful voice, and let me hear the vocal intonations and phrasing that makes her a joy to listen to. The only other room I enjoyed more was across the Atrium and was valued at $1,500,000 USD. I heard all my favorites and really wanted to relax and let the tunes wash over me, or pummel me if they had low end sock because this room delivered it all.

The pairing of a planar speaker with an Open Baffle subwoofer is the perfect idea and carried out to perfection here. Without boxes, there is no boxy coloration, and the OB bass is stupendous. The bass never got “caught out”, no boom or room overloading, upright bass plucks sounded real, string and the wood body resonating with no overhang just tight real sounding bass, and with twelve 12″ woofers plenty of impact and the ability to pressurize the room when called upon. If you like what planars do for music, you need to get to Greg’s or Steve’s place in NY and audition this system, and you will be very pleased you made the trip. In an after show discovery one of the woofer towers had a wiring snafu which slightly diminished the impact, so it could have been even better, next year should be great.”

Updated “Digital Interconnects” website page!

Finally, after almost 3 years, I’ve updated my website to include my new “Digital Interconnects” products including;

1) “Split Power & Data” USB cable…

2) “Discrete” USB cable…

3) “Dongle” USB cable…

4) “Spirit 75” S/PDIF cable …

5) “Spirit 110” AES-EBU cable with details here…

I’ve also updated images with my “top of the line” Obsession power cable to reflect the “state of the art” & crazy expensive Furutech FI-50 NCF series of connectors…

These new cables will be displayed at the upcoming New York Audio Show as well as the upcoming Capital AudioFest next month!


AXPONA Audio Show, what a GREAT Show!

Finally recovered from the exhausting AXPONA Audio Show. Triode Wire Labs had their complete cable looms (speaker cables, power cables, NEW “Discrete” USB cable) in Room 308, with Vinnie Rossi, Fidelis Music Systems, Harbeth & Acoustic Signature turntables. TWL was also in Room 314 with Volti Audio, BorderPatrol Audio electronics & Acoustic Signature turntables and had even a larger cable loom (speaker cables, power cables, including the “state of the art” Obsession power cable, NEW “Split Power & Data” USB cable, NEW “Spirit 75”, 75 ohm S/PDIF Digital cable, as well as “Spirit” RCA single-ended interconnects. The sound in both rooms was pretty amazing… Here’s some recent feedback… from Part Time Audiophile… 
… and also from Stereophile’s Jason Victor Serinus, “Harbeth and Vinnie Rossi score again! Here, the Harbeth Super HL5 Plus 40th Anniversary Edition loudspeaker ($7495/pair), which includes a new supertweeter and a 40th anniversary magnetic grille badge, joined a Vinnie Rossi LIO Super Integrated ($11,675 as configured), Acoustic Signature WOW XXL turntable ($3495) with TA-700 tonearm ($1295) and Ortofon 2M Black Cartridge ($850), and Triode Wire Labs cabling to produce a very smooth and nice sound. The midrange was lovely, the top fine, and the soundstage wide. In short, what’s not to love?
On my 24/96 tell-all track of the last movement of Seattle Symphony’s recording of Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, I could listen well into the soundstage. Bass, which is prodigious on this track, was excellent and fast. Image size may have been diminished from what I’m accustomed to, but the mids were simply gorgeous.”
Also, The Absolute Sound‘s Greg Weaver loved it, labeling BOTH ROOMS as “MOST SIGNIFICANT” as well… 
Maurice Jeffries from Positive Feedback labeled it “The Best of the Best at AXPONA 2017”
and finally, Hi-Fi+‘s Mr. Eric Neff… 
“The Vinnie Rossi LIO is a modular triumph in sound and quality. Here is the tricked-out model which includes the Direct Heated Triode front end. Sporting the Phono Pre, DAC and 25wpc amplifier modules this version of the LIO comes in at $11,675. Paired with the 40th anniversary model Harbeth Super HL5Plus at $7495 and Triode Wire Labs cables, the sound was truly three dimensional.”

Another Cable Loom Review from Positive Feedback!

Robert S. Youman from Positive Feedback just published a new review of my cable loom here…


In summary, Robert wrote, “My notes were quickly set aside. Rather than jump from track to track, I found myself listening to entire albums—which is not the norm for my evaluations. Regardless of the music genre, there was a certain correctness of presentation that just had me mesmerized. Clearly, these cables provided an emotional connection.

As you can tell, I am quite enamored with Triode Wire Labs and the cable reviewed here. As mentioned early on, you need to set the MSRP’s aside and properly manage your biases and expectations. Just sit back, listen and take it all in. For some, these price points might be a big attraction. For others, these price points might push you away. I know, I know, if something sounds like it’s too good to be true, it usually isn’t. For the folks in the later category, you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity.

I do care about what I feel. I need that connection to the emotion and passion that music can provide when properly presented. Triode Wire Labs does that for me. I strongly suggest that you check it out. Highly recommended!”



Part-Time Audiophile Affordably Awesome 2016 List

I’d like to thank Scot Hull, Chief Bottlewasher at Part-Time Audiophile, for including Triode Wire Labs in their Affordably Awesome 2016 list!

Scot wrote, “Cable doubters needn’t apply, but for the rest of you, I have a secret. I know this guy that makes super-high-end cables at a fraction of the price of what others might. And the best thing? They really are fantastic bang for the buck. Open, fluid, and organic — that is, they make my system sound broken in, as if all my electronics just went on an extended diet pulled together by Thug Kitchen, and now, they’re ready to just casually kick ass all over yesterday and tomorrow. Been a fan of Triode Pete’s power cables for years, but his “American” speaker cables and “Spirit” interconnects are just the berries. Best kept secret in that lineup is that forthcoming dual-headed USB cable, though. It’s killer.”

The entire post here


“Brutus Award” Earned by Triode Wire Labs!!!

Positive Feedback Managing Editor Dave Clark announced his Annual Brutus Awards today and Triode Wire Labs was selected!
In summary, Dave wrote, “For the money, a steal. For twice the price, a solid deal. For three times the price, still a find. Not sure how they do this for comparatively so little, but these cords are truly wonderful. We bought the review samples.”


Complete details here… http://positive-feedback.com/audio-disc…/brutus-awards-2016/